tag wars

For some time now, the junction of the Hertford Union canal and the Lee Navigation has been the site of ongoing artistic warfare. The disused industrial buildings in this secluded corned are an ideal battleground for taggers and graffiti artists and until recently this patch has largely been neglected by the powers that be. But now thanks to the olympics, government, big business and the world’s media have started to focus on this forgotten corner of inner London and the activity of the artists is getting noticed.

And it looks like the activity of the artists has got up somebody’s nose. A little boat was despatched to erase the offensive artefacts.

What’s amusing is the graffiti removal team is no where near as well-prepared as the artists themselves. Equipped with solvents and pressure washers, but only a two-step ladder the removers could only reach up to about 2.5m. So you end up with the bizarre situation below. It’s hardly an improvement, it looks spiteful, petty and pathetic…



… and the blurred-out works just look grubby.


Meanwhile the artists are battling amongst themselves, overpainting each others work in quick succession. They’re prepared for this, using paint rollers to cover old work quickly, before creating their latest masterpieces.

NB: the work I originally planned for this has been superseded and a new project will be published in my projects section. The old links at the bottom of the page are dead. [30/06/2012]

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