portraits of three tinplate robots – daily photo

Canon Canon PowerShot G9 – 1/50 at f/3.5 – click for a larger version in a new window

I’m clearing out  a lot of stuff and putting some of it on eBay. One my lots will be this motley collection of clockwork tinplate robots. They’ve languished in a cupboard for a good few years and I’ve never really bothered to look at them. It was when I was photographing them for the auction, I realised how bizarre the expressions were on the faces of these toys. Just what were the designers trying to say? I think these are Chinese copies (or pastiches) of earlier Japanese robots, so I suspect finding the original designer/manufacturer would be tricky. From now on, whenever I see a toy robot, I will be paying a lot more attention to the facial expression, it’s a bizarre form of anthropomorphism.

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