house – day 39 – clearing up and a visit

An even brighter day than yesterday and a little more relaxed drive over to the house. The wind has picked up, so it feels even colder than before.

Today, we’ll tidy up the rooms – scrape out edges around windows and doors, remove any last remaining bits of paper on the walls and clear away the rubbish. I’ll also render around the plasterboard in the fireplace in the upstairs bedroom.

Earlier, I’d had a text message from Scot, our friend from next door (in our old house), to say he and Mariah would be dropping by to say hello and have a look around our new home. They duly dropped by about lunchtime, they had checked into a nearby B&B and were keen to explore the area. We gave them the tour and they left us to carry on clearing, whilst they went off for a walk. We agreed to meet up later, in a local pub, for a drink and a catch-up. Before restarting work, we popped out for a drive to the shore, to warm up in the car, eat lunch and get some much needed heat from the sun.

The rendering went well, I’d not done any work like this for a while, so my mortar skills were a little rusty, I think Marc will be able to finish off the wall quite nicely now. I also realised a piece of skirting board, usually invisible in the under-stairs cupboard (and therefore redundant), was a pretty close match for the skirting board in the front bedroom, so I unclipped the cables attached to it and managed to remove it, pretty much intact. It’s a little warped, but it is the right length for the wall – just. Another little problem solved, I just need to tidy up nail holes and cut the board to fit.

We clocked off about 5pm and went off to meet Mariah and Scot. The pub was pretty busy (well, it is a bank holiday) and there was live music. They were already there and had managed to bag a table at the back of the pub away from the music and we were able to have a pleasant couple of hours chat.

Another magnificent sunset, but it was too windy to stand and watch it, so back to the house, pack up and drive back to London.

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