house – day nine – slash and burn

An early start today as my mate Phil is coming along to help me clear the garage and to remove the old floor coverings in the house. He’s interested in what we’ve just bought. so he wants to have a nosy around the new place (and we need all the help we can get right now).

The previous occupants had left a lot of old crap in the shed (a huge amount of crap, in fact). Perhaps they thought it was useful – every practical person knows the value of a scrap wood bin – but this wasn’t anything remotely useful. It was mostly worthless pieces of cheap used timber, nothing was consistent and it will cost time, money and effort to dispose of it. This is all a bit naughty on the part of the previous owners as it should have been disposed of before we took the house, it’s part of any house purchase contract. On the way to the house, we popped in to Wickes and bought an incinerator – to speed up the waste reduction process.

The incinerator was fully occupied for the day, there was so much to get rid of. In fact, at the end of the day we had to damp down the remainder of the large, very hot pile of ash to ensure there was no risk of it setting off a fire. There’s still more to get rid of including  the noxious crap such as engine oil, paints and solvents.

We also now have a gigantic pile of floor covering from the house, temporarily stored in the old garage. Phil and I cleared out a vast pile of stuff today and added a significant amount of CO2 to the atmosphere in the process and there’s still a lot more we will have to deal with.

I’d had no time to take any photos, – the featured photo is one I took a couple of days later, however, it’s exactly how we left the garage today.

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