house – day 45 – a little more

Of course it was going to be a slow start today, after last night’s festivities and a fried breakfast at the Beefeater. We said goodbye to Katharine, Emilio and the girls and went back down to the house.

When we got there, I had a brainwave and checked the cistern in the one remaining toilet – there was a working water supply to it. I got a piece of hosepipe and siphoned water into a bucket. Fiona could strip the wallpaper and I could fill the channelling for the cables in the walls and around the sockets (I’d intended to do that yesterday too, but thought I couldn’t get any water). At least, these couple of things will get us a little closer to closer being able to decorate the rooms.

I’d bought a bag of one coat plaster to do the filling – despite what I’d read on the web about it. It seemed to me the obvious thing to do, as I had to fill everything flush with the existing plaster – and didn’t really want to use filler. Turns out the pros were right, it’s awful stuff. It’s hard to get a good consistency and once you start working, you have to work fast as it turns from unusably sloppy to unusably stiff in a very short time. Bollocks.! Now I’ll have to use the sander as it’s sagged and hardened. Somebody must think it’s useful as it’s still being sold, but I can’t imagine who that might be – maybe lazy, over-optimistic people like me. I’ve never been happy doing anything that resembles plasterwork, I guess you really do need training, it’s not something you just pick up. Thankfully It’s going to be hidden.

We did a few more bits and pieces around the house and went for lunch in the newly-refurbished hotel, not far away. It’s a nice looking place in a great location and the food was decent too. Being in DIY mode and still looking for decorating ideas, we probably spent too much time looking at fixtures and fittings, but we got a couple of ideas we might explore further. When we left to go back to the house, it was still very cold (despite the bright sun we’d had for the last couple of days) and the house even colder, so we decided to go home. Not huge amount of work completed in two days, but at least we had a nice time the previous evening. We can’t wait to be in the house proper.

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