house – day eight – a big day

Today is a big day at the house – we’re getting our broadband connection, the electricians are coming round to asses the state of the wiring and the removals men are delivering the contents of our previous shed, which means I’ll be able to get on with some real work.

Fiona got there before me (I’d had an appointment with the doctor in the morning), so by the time I arrived at lunchtime, BT was finishing up, the cheery removals guys were putting toolboxes in the study (the shed’s not ready yet) and shortly after that, the electricians turned up.

It was pretty clear after they’d had a quick look around, that we will have to re-wire the house. There’s so much that’s wrong, it’s not worth keeping the little that’s right. We knew we’d have to do substantial re-wiring because of the layout changes we wanted, we just didn’t think it was going to be everywhere.

Now I have my tools, I can start some of the tasks that we can easily do – eg, removing the hardboard from the panelled doors.

I took a lot more photos (and measurements) this time around. Previously, every time I sat at the computer back at the flat to start modelling the house, I found crucial measurements were missing.

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