house – day 98 – progress

Before I even got to the house, I’d spoken to Marc first thing about finishing the edge of the hall ceiling. We’d discussed it when I was at the house the day before yesterday and there were a couple of alternatives. I’d thought about using a wooden moulding, but I realise now, it would be too difficult to match this with the existing timber, so I told him to use his suggestion. Which was much simpler.

Marc called me back to give me the number of a plasterwork supplier. Yesterday, we’d been to Ikea (groan!) to look at cheap office furniture and on the way called in at a couple of plasterwork suppliers to look for ceiling roses for the reception rooms and hall. I think we need these to finish the ceilings properly – Fiona isn’t so sure.

I spoke to the guy, he said he knew what I wanted and could supply it, I arranged to visit his shop in Margate late this afternoon. He was out on a job during the day. Whilst I was doing this, the new light bulb for the bathroom light turned up. The previous ones I’d ordered didn’t fit, it has to be a Philips one it’s a very particular fitting.

I filled up the truck and drove to the house. Simon and Peter, the kitchen fitter were downstairs. Simon had fitted some of the new woodwork (ie putting back old architrave , he hadn’t done it quite how I’d intended, but it will be OK. I confirmed the sink position with Peter, it’s a precise job fitting an under-mount sink and he wanted to get it right.

I had a look around the rest of the house, but only downstairs. Marc and Paul were upstairs and Marc was plastering the upstairs hall ceiling, his scaffold boards were blocking stairwell. They were trapped upstairs and we were trapped downstairs.

As I couldn’t get upstairs to get to my stuff, I decided to go for an early lunch. The sun had just come out (it had been a misty journey to house). I sat on the beach and had a sandwich, it was a much nicer day, today.

By the time I got back to the house, Marc had finished the hall ceiling so I could now go upstairs.

I thought I’d stay out of everyone’s way, so I worked in the front bedroom on the doors. I filled old lock holes in two doors with wood and resin filler. I got the filler sanded and put a first coat of primer on a couple of doors. I’d started on stripping another bedroom door, when I realised it had gone 4:30. I had to call the plasterwork guy (he was to call me, but we’d arranged I’d called him if he got delayed). I arranged to meet him in his shop in 30 minutes. The journey to Margate took longer than it should (45 minutes), there was rush hour traffic. By now, the sun was very bright and warm and people were heading off to the beach.

At the shop, the plaster rose I was shown on display was exactly what I was looking for. I got the plaster guy to come down a bit on price for three of them. I went out and got the cash, paid him and arranged to collect the roses on Monday.

Everyone had gone home when I got back. I went back to the doors upstairs and finished one side of a door with the hot air stripper, I then made a start on the other side, not intending to finish it today, but found it was going pretty quickly so I finished that side too.

I cleared up, took pictures of today’s progress, and drove home, picking up some wine from Tesco on the way back. I felt I deserved it. I was back by 9:30 – there’s not much left of the day and I’m back tomorrow.

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