house – day 93 – boarding & painting

Before setting off for the house this morning, we went to the Tate Modern to see the Lichtenstein exhibition before it closes. It opened an hour early for members on this final weekend, so we drove into town, parked nearby and spent an excellent hour admiring Roy’s work. We even had time for a sunny breakfast on the members’ terrace.

Rather than use the tortuous route through SE London to get to Kent, we went over the river and used the Limehouse link and Blackwall to get on the A2, it must have saved about half the journey time getting to the Tate. Not to mention wear and tear on the drivetrain and driver. I wouldn’t recommend it on weekdays, but it’s fast on a quiet Sunday morning.

Back at the house, I carried on getting shower room cladding prepped. I’d re-read the Hardieboard instructions and I had been doing it right. It just doesn’t work like they said. I measured the first board and scored it eight times on each side. It still wouldn’t snap. So I cut it it with a hand saw. The saw was knackered in seconds and so was I. I still had at least nine more cuts to make, this wasn’t going very well. It also explained the discarded saw, that was equally blunted, in the hallway. Eventually I had the boards cut, time to put them up.

Fiona cleared up the packaging in the hall, giving us a lot more room.

As soon as I started with the impact driver (the combi drill isn’t powerful enough), Fiona started moaning at me about the noise. I know it’s not nice, but it’s not like I’m doing it on purpose and she wasn’t even in the same room, I told her to dig out my ear defenders.

Eventually, I was too hot, sweaty and exhausted (and bored) to do any more work on the boards so I found other things to do.

Fiona was busy sanding doors and priming some of them, so she had plenty to do for the day.

I did some prep work in the kitchen, sanded down the RSJ to blend the new plaster better with the old and filled holes in the ceiling where lights were misplaced (one was a mistake by me, one wasn’t). I’ll paint these plugs tomorrow.

We’re staying at the Premier Inn tonight, so we can work a bit later, but not too late as we need to get dinner and places close earlier here on Sunday. As it’s a bank holiday, the room rate is pretty expensive. But at least it’s saved me a couple of hours of driving, we can have an earlier start tomorrow and I can have a pint or two in a local, for a change.

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