house – day 91 – hole in the wall

It’s three months since we bought this house and we’re still not in. A tremendous amount of work has been done, a lot of money has been spent and I’ve driven about six thousand miles so far, between the house and the flat. I’m sure it will be worth it.

It might be late May, but it’s a very cold wet miserable day, today.

Things are moving quite quickly right now, so first thing on arrival is to catch up on what’s happened? I was hoping that the delivery yesterday from QS supplies would be the bath so I can measure the space I’ve left for it, but it was only the bath mixer – where’s the bath?

All the radiators are now in place. The skirting board and architrave in back bedroom are now in place – Marc can plaster the room now. The wall units in the kitchen are now going up. The deck for mounting the raised washing machine is in place (that suggestion alarmed a few people) and the work tops have finally arrived.

We’re getting Paul, the decorator back to prep some rooms, he came round to check out the rooms today and I took him through the house. He’s impressed with the transformation and  likes the tiles for the bathrooms and the new (Phil’s old one ) fire surround.

After the usual arrival Q&A with the guys, I went out to get more timber to build the frame for the concealed cistern.

When I got back, I removed old, uneven and bulging mortar in the bathroom to get a solid base to attach the framework, only to find a large hole where the old basin waste went out of the wall. The outer wall had a normal waste pipe sized hole, but inside, roughly three bricks had been hammered out to create a hole rather a lot larger than it needed to be. So now I had some bricklaying to do before I could get on with making the frame. Two steps forward and one step back, again. I reclaimed a few bricks from the skip out front and mixed up the remainder of a bag of ready mixed mortar. It only took a an hour or so to get the bricks into shape, but it meant I couldn’t drill the wall to fix the frame. I got the rest of the frame built, but that was all I could do. Another job I hoped to finish in one go, but couldn’t.

We’re not ticking enough completion boxes at the moment and moving in still seems a long way away.

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