house – day 86 – bit by bit

Stupidly, as it turned out, I went in search of a Tesco filling station before setting off for the house. I had an empty tank and a voucher for 10p off per litre, which could save us at least £7 when I fill up. With the amount of driving I’m doing at the moment, I need to make every saving I can. We ended up wasting almost an hour looking for a Tesco in our local area and we drove quite a long way in the process. It just wasn’t worth it. It was doubly stupid as we have to get back to the flat early because Fiona has a big day tomorrow: her event at the Chelsea Flower Show.

When we got to the house, we found Chris had been in again that morning and had finished tiling the kitchen floor. All that’s left to be done on the floor is to grout the tiles.

Fiona got on with sanding the knotting she’d applied yesterday. I went back to B&Q and bought some studding so I could sort out the shower wall in the downstairs bathroom ( I need to box in the pipes to the mixer), which I duly did. Fiona primed one of the doors completely, it didn’t look great. We need to do more work on them.

Before we left, I checked the shower trays for the precise location of the waste, so I could fix the timbers in place. The plumbers will be in and I want them to get it right.

A short day again and not a lot done, but at least we had lunch on the beach.

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