house – day 85 – get knotted

The pine wood of the old doors still has lots of knots that reek of resin. I believe we need to paint them with knotting before we prime them, otherwise we’re going to spend forever dealing with stains. So, on the way to the house, we stopped at B&Q for what seems to be the millionth time and I bought knot-blocking primer – also known as “knotting”.

Once at the house, it was clear that Chris did know what day it was yesterday and had been in that morning – he’d completed laying the whole tiles on the kitchen floor. There are just (!) the part tiles to fill the gaps around the edges to do now.

I took Fiona around the house and showed her what’s happened this week and talked her through the latest issues we’ve dealt with and still have to fix.  She liked the kitchen floor tiles. After viewing everything, Fiona got started got started on base coats for doors – applying knotting, then primer and then sanding.

I got another door stripped and filled, including the filling a massive hole left by the old lock, with wooden blocks and filler. We have a good few more of these to do.

It doesn’t sound like a lot of work, but it took most of the day to complete it.

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