house – day 78 – an afternoon’s work

As Barcelona F1 quali was live on TV today and we had a lot of admin stuff to get through, we didn’t set off to the house until late. Fiona didn’t think it was worth going at all, but as we wouldn’t be able to go on Sunday (we were going to our neighbours’ barbecue), I felt even half a day would be worthwhile. As well as all the usual jobs that still needed to be completed (building, painting etc), I’d promised the plumber I’d mark out where pipes should run for showers, basins etc and that needed to be ready for Monday morning.

I got the shower wall finished and I was pretty confident it was accurate enough. Screwing and bonding the sheets together had stiffened the wall up nicely. With Aquapanel on either side and a timber endplate it should be pretty rigid for the tiles.

I got everything that I could marked out for the plumbers, which took a lot longer than I thought it would, so I didn’t have time to get started painting in the kitchen. I’ll have to start that on Monday, it’s important I get some paint on the bare plaster, before work installing the kitchen units begins.

Fiona finished painting the lining paper in the living room.

I think the trip to the house today was worthwhile, even though it was short.

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