house – day 76 – short day

We did indeed visit the Grand Designs show at Excel yesterday. We didn’t learn a great deal. In all honesty we weren’t expecting to discover much new stuff, but we’d got the tickets cheap via Groupon and it’s always worthwhile taking a look, just in case. We’re probably too far down the renovation road now for any significant design changes, but we still have a few items to get. We were hoping to get some ideas for interiors, but there wasn’t a great deal to inspire. Even though it was noticeably more up-market than ideal homes, there was still an astonishing amount of crap. Money definitely does not buy taste. (£10K plus for a glass table footy, anyone?). We visited the manufacturers of our bifold doors stand, but they weren’t exhibiting any examples, instead they were showing their new replacement glazing for classic metal-framed windows. Impressive stuff, if you own such a building, but not applicable in our case. The reason they didn’t have any bifold or patio doors was simply, there are so many manufacturers showing them at the show, it’s not worth competing and the only question they get asked is “how much?”. I can see their point – it’s what exactly we did at Ideal Homes last month.

Possibly as a result of a few too many Belgian Quads at the Old Brewery after the show yesterday, I was in a bit of a state today, before setting off and I forgot almost everything I normally take with me. It was only going to be half a day as I had to get back for our monthly ex-FAP-reviewers’ get-together, but I still had to go to check on things and at least get a bit of work done.

All the old plaster has now been stripped from the bathroom. A messy job, but it’s going to be much easier to re-board the walls than patch what was there. It will also enable me to build the shower cubicle as I can fix it to the stud work.  The plasterwork in the kitchen is now complete. It’s beginning to look a lot more like a room now, but it’s still not easy to imagine it as a complete kitchen.

Once I’d spoken with everyone there and answered questions, I set to work building a platform to raise the upstairs shower. I found some timber that had been dumped at the front of the house, which would do the job nicely. Getting the measurements right for this  is crucial as we only have a few millimetres to play with on either side. Once you’ve allowed for backing board, adhesive and tiles, it’s going to be a tight fit for both shower tray and bath, inflexible items, that you definitely can’t trim to fit. I got the timber frame sorted for edge support, but I wanted to put two additional timbers across the middle to support the centre of the shower tray. Unfortunately we don’t have the tray yet – it arrives next week, so I’m not sure of the precise location of the waste and the online documentation I’ve found gives me no clue. Once I’d cut and fixed what timbers I could it was time to leave. I took a few photos first, but I had to use the back-up camera I keep in the truck – an old Canon Powershot A560 – as I’d forgotten even to bring my iPhone.

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