house – day 73 – fun run

Our friend, Kate, is running in a 10Km race along the shoreline today. She’d asked, months ago if she could stay with us and we naturally said yes. However, the extent of the work means that it’s still not possible for anyone to stay, so we all set off bright and early from London this morning to get there for the start of the run.

Kate ran the race in her best ever time and, afterwards, we all trooped over to Jacky’s house on the other side of town. Our friend Jacky bought an old house in Whitstable at roughly the same time as us and it was in an even worse state of repair than ours. Now, however, her house is much closer to being habitable and has hot water, a bath etc – although there’s still plenty to do. Once Kate was refreshed, we headed over to her brother’s beach hut at West Beach and had a pleasant lunch in the sun.

We finally got to our house in the late afternoon, Fiona didn’t feel inclined to do any work, but I was insistent I would do some work (especially as I hadn’t had a drink) and I completed stripping a door, before heading home.


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