house – day 64-68 enforced break

For five days I’ve been unable to go back to the house. The hire car went back on Saturday afternoon, but in the morning, we visited N&C to make final decisions on tiles. We didn’t actually buy any, although we were now pretty sure what we are likely to get.

On Sunday morning, we risked further damage to the truck and drove to N&C to order and pay for the tiles. (It’s not a great journey using public transport). Another tick in another box, one less thing to think of.

On Monday morning the truck went in to have the 4WD fault fixed. We’d hoped we could get the vehicle back on Tuesday, but that wasn’t to be. I’d already fixed up with Phil to go round to his flat on Wednesday to help him some plumbing work, so I needed a vehicle to get there, fingers crossed it would get fixed for the morning.

On Tuesday I spent most of the day doing bits of admin and searching the web for stuff for the house. Trivial things such as baths. showers, basins, taps, in the evening I saw Low at the Barbican, they were excellent.

Wednesday morning was spent metaphorically twiddling my thumbs by the phone. The call I was waiting for came just before lunch – the truck was ready. I walked over to Eltham, collected the Navara and headed over to Phil’s. The work on his flat took a little longer than we anticipated (it always does), but at least it went OK. My reward for the work was a fire surround Phil had bought from Lassco’s a few years ago for his own home and was now surplus to requirements. It’s architectural salvage from the old National Liberal Club, it’s Edwardian and happens to fit very nicely in our rear reception It will replace the not so authentic fire surround and fireplace that’s currently there. As a bonus, the basin tap Phil had chosen to fit (that was the work he’d asked me to do) is attractive and a lot cheaper than the one I’d thought about getting for the bathrooms.

By Wednesday evening I was getting very twitchy. It’s the longest break away from the house since we bought it and it felt strange, knowing work had been progressing, but knowing exactly what was going on. I was looking forward to getting back on Thursday.

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