house – day 56 – concrete

I got to the house today well after lunch time as I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning and had to collect the downlights andswitches etc from TLC-direct at Sittingbourne on the way over. I’d spoken to Marc in the morning – he’d been working at the house all day yesterday and we arranged to meet at the house in the afternoon.

The concrete for the new kitchen floor had already been poured and was starting to set when I got there. With the Acrows out of the way, it’s now much easier to visualise the kitchen space. Paul’s work in the front reception is progressing very nicely and we had a chat about web sites (he’d asked me a couple of webby questions in an email the day before). I had a look at the work Marc had done yesterday and was surprised to find in addition to the chimney breast in bedroom 1 and the wall in bedroom 3 he’d also plastered the new wall separating bedroom 4 and the bathroom. Things really are moving on.

Marc arrived and we went through the house looking at the next plastering jobs to be done. He’s coming in tomorrow with a colleague to go through the work in detail and provide me with an itemised quote. It was getting late and I still hadn’t eaten, so I popped out for lunch. Whilst out, I remembered I need to pay for the radiators and toilets for which I’d just received a quote. I was up at 5:30 this morning adding more to the plumbing shopping list (and asking for additional discount – which we got) and I need to get the order underway so the plumbing work can start.

By the time I got back, the builders had left and the new bathroom wall is now fully boarded.

I didn’t intend to stay late today, so I couldn’t really start any big jobs (in any case, I couldn’t get to the water tap whilst the concrete was setting), I thought I’d try to finish one of the doors. Using a combination of Nitromors, wire wool, shavehooks, glasspaper, and multitool, I finally managed to remove the latex paint. When I turned the door over and inspected the woodwork on that side, I realised, that despite all the hot air, there was still a lot of the gooey (now hardened) old paint left to remove. The door on this side looked pretty rough. After a couple of hours of slow progress, I realised how right Paul had been a few days ago and how it often pays to listen to the professionals.

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