house – day 54 – a day off

More visitors today. Our friends Nikki and Tony are coming over to see the house and then we’ll be going for lunch in the Royal Native Oyster place. We’ll be going to the house by train today as we’re not expecting to get any work done and it will give me a day off from the A2 (and I can have a drink with lunch). It’s a bit of a slow train journey from the flat to the house, but that gave us time to go through the heavy bag of bathroom furniture brochures I’d brought with me. Although, even after a couple of hours browsing, we still hadn’t settled on anything.

There’s a fresh skip in the front garden and there’s clay now coming up from the kitchen floor. All the rubble is out, things are moving on steadily. I had a quick chat with the guys to check on any new issues to be addressed, (none, thankfully) and, presently, our latest house visitors had arrived. They’re impressed with the house and surprised at how big it is. I guess we’re getting used to it as it doesn’t feel quite so big any more. Tony made some useful remarks about the place, which, hopefully, should reassure Fiona.

We spent the rest of the day eating, drinking and socialising, in the warm sun. I’m looking forward to a lot more of this (especially when I don’t have to drive or travel by train).

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