house – day 53 – the floor comes up

I got Chris’s quote very early this morning and gave him the go-ahead to start ripping up the floor. By the time I got to the house the work was well under way. It was probably just as well I asked to have the old floor taken out as it was incredibly uneven – varying in thickness from 50-250mm, with bits of brick wall interspersed. I don’t think it would have been possible to trim and cap the old floor, without raising the kichen floor a good 100mm, reducing the ceiling height even further.

I started work in the bigger back bedroom, to remove the adhesive left from removing the old wall tiles where the washstand was (the belt sander made short work of it). I also had to remove the old waste pipe and plug the hole in the wall. The waste pipe was old plastic and had been so degraded by the sun’s UV that it shattered into spiky fragments when it hit the ground. The hole left behind in the wall isn’t a nice, neat circular hole (cut by some bodger with a cold chisel), but I managed to find a few suitable brick fragments in the skip to fill the gap and mortared them into place, inside and out. There’s a lot of wallpaper paste remaining on the wall that’s to be re-plastered and the next job is to remove that. Another laborious and unrewarding task, that’s unfortunately necessary if we want the plaster to stick.

The electricians are back and I talked through a few things with them. I need to give them the schema for the kitchen (which I drew last week) and get the downlights from TLC. I have a couple of technical questions to ask first.

There’s a problem with the old kitchen door liner which I’d like to use in the new kitchen (I’ve already saved the old architrave for it). It appears to be tied into the brickwork but the internal alarm buzzer is in the way of removing the plaster to work out what’s there. We’re pretty certain there isn’t a lintel above  it and the joists above it appear to rest on some timber near the top of the wall. Yet another little non-standard, unexpected issue to address. It should have been a simple bit of carpentry.

Now that Paul’s finished the small front bedroom, I moved our HQ upstairs, so that we can work on the study. It also allows the builders to get their stuff out of the front reception room so that Paul can work in that room more easily. It’s better for us as our stuff is now upstairs out of the way (and out of the dust).

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