house – day 19 – let us spray

I finally got to use the spray gun I bought to paint some walls in our old house. It seemed a good purchase at the time, but in the end we didn’t feel the need to repaint the things we’d bought the spray gun for. So it languished in the shed for about a year. Now seems an opportune time to use it. I want to paint the walls of the workshop with white emulsion, to clean the place up and improve the light. As the walls are aerated concrete blocks and there are a lot of them, it seems a spray gun will be ideal. Also it doesn’t matter if the paint goes anywhere else. Turns out it was a good idea and worked fine. The only issue was underestimating the amount of paint I’d use, but luckily the nearby B&Q had big buckets of paint for a tenner. Now all the walls are painted. I need to leave them to dry before I put up the work bench.

Marc was busy on the ceilings up stairs, the ones he’s completed are looking good.

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