house – day 151 – tonight’s the night

Now we have a bed and a working shower, we’re going to spend our first night in the house tonight. In fact we’re going to be spending three consecutive nights at the house (I’ve got a doctor’s appointment on Friday morning). It’s quite an exciting prospect, although it’s tempered by the fact, that, effectively, we’re going to be camping in the house as we have no furniture (other than a bed), no carpets and the kitchen isn’t operational. Still, at least I won’t be driving up and down the A2 everyday. We should be able to get more work done.

We got to the house pretty late. We’d spent a good part of the day, sorting things out at the flat, getting the stuff together that we thought we’d need. We don’t want to take too much to the house right now, as we’ll only be moving it around whilst the work is still ongoing. Once at the house, we set our stuff out and thought about going to the pub (naturally). Whilst we were still contemplating our options, the doorbell rang – it was our neighbour who had brought us a chilled bottle of wine to celebrate our first night in the house. How sweet.

In the excitement, I completely forgot to take any photos, apart from a couple of snaps of the wonky blind we’ve been complaining about. Hence today’s uninspiring picture.

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