house – day 150 – step on

Although I originally intended to go, I didn’t visit the house yesterday. I just felt too run down after Saturday’s shenanigans, plus I needed to get a lot of stuff prepared for photography trip this coming Saturday. Actually, I’ve still got everything to do, as I haven’t done any prep (apart from the recce trips) so far.

I got to the house around lunchtime – Paul had arrived just before me. it turns out he’d had a bit of torrid morning too, so he was starting late as well. We had a chat about our mornings and then I got started removing Saturday’s mess of silicone sealant from the shower screen. Paul lent me a scraper to facilitate this, which helped a lot. Nevertheless, there’s a bit of scuffed chrome-work on our new screen, which is a bit annoying.

I had lunch after I’d cleaned most of the sealant from the screen, it was taking a lot longer than I thought and by the time I ate it was 4 o’clock. When I got back Paul told me he’d had a message from Chris to say he’d be at the house in 15 mins

When Chris came around, we had a chat about some of the remaining work and he got on with tiling the step into the bifold doors. I carried on with stripping away the silicone and finally got to re-apply new sealant. After painting the bathroom door, I went back to the flat. It had been an annoying day – I’d spent most of it undoing and re-doing Saturday’s work, but at least we will now be able to have a shower.

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