house – day 142 – hot stuff

It’s a solo trip for me today, Fiona is going to a friend’s birthday party. I would like to have gone too, but it will be an outdoor affair and my hay fever has been too unpredictable this year to risk it. No point in pouring snot and misery on a festive occasion.

There was the usual weekend traffic, many cars driving too close together, most driving too fast for the amount of traffic on the road -everyone in a desperate hurry to get out of their cars and enjoy the sun. As a result, I ended up driving a lot more quickly than I usually do just to keep some space around me, so I got there in almost no time, but with a more depleted fuel tank than I like.

At the house, I sanded the ceiling roses and applied final coat of primer. They’re now ready to paint with the final colour. I sanded and primed the piece of filler wood between the loft door frame and bathroom wall, that’s ready to paint now too. I hung the primed bathroom door and made the cut-outs for latch and lock in the door frame and primed the newly-exposed wood.

Then I went downstairs to have a look at the architrave around the kitchen and shower room doors. They’ve been made from timber that was reclaimed from the original kitchen and pantry door frames. It’s covered in thick, cracked, chipped, hard old paint and has a lot damage around where the old nails pulled through the wood. Is doesn’t look great and it’s appearance is not helped by old crimson paint peeping through cracks in the white. I started sanding and scraping the wood, but the paint chips off and even the RO sander has little effect on the hard, enamel-like paint. There’s a lot of awkwardly shaped moulding to contend with too.  It’s going to take a very long time to prep the wood at this rate. There’s nothing for it, I’ve got to strip the paint off, using the hot air gun and it’s nearly 30C outside. It was about three hours’ hot, sweaty work in a confined space, but it was worth the effort. The wood looks much better now. It’s a little fibrous and stringy around some of the moulding,  there are little curls of wood that are hard to remove. I should be able to sand those off, once there’s some primer on the wood to harden it.

I gave all the wood a first coat of primer, cleaned up, took some snaps and went home, tired and sweaty, but pretty pleased with what I’d achieved today.

I got home late, just in time to provide a taxi service for Fiona and Jacky to get them back home from today’s party. All in a day’s work, I suppose.

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