house – day 141 – back online

Today is going to be a short day, I need to leave before 6 o’clock this evening to get back for a friend’s birthday drink. Still, with both Fiona and I going to the house, it’s worth the trip – and we need to be sure we have everything prepped in the living room for Paul to start on Monday. We also said we’d pop into to see Chris’s new fireplace showroom on the way in, so it’s going to be an even shorter visit to the house today. I took a bit of cross-country route back from Chris’s showroom. We drove through quite a lot of pretty countryside, there’s going to be plenty to explore when we finally move in.

I decided the first job should be to move the BT socket to better position, so we can remove wiring and sockets from hall. As usual it took much longer than expected, I took my time as I wanted to be sure I didn’t mess it up and need another BT call out. I also tested everything first, before I started cutting cables. This left me with hardly any time to do much else, but at least broadband’s back up and running.

Fiona cleaned up the living room ready for Monday and did a bit more painting and I left the paint and  instructions for Paul, in case I don’t make it to the house tomorrow.

We left just after 6 o’clock, just I’d hoped, but immediately we encountered a traffic jam as the M2 was closed due to an accident. Typical. We tried one route, but most other people had that idea, so we headed south and took a different route. If I hadn’t been in a hurry to get home the drive would have been quite enjoyable, we went through quite a few pretty villages we didn’t know, many with good-looking pubs. Good news. I arrived home with just enough time to make it worthwhile to get the train into town and show my face at the birthday drink.

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