house – day 138 – another off day

We had a day off yesterday, we had a few things to catch up on, plus we had to stay in and wait for a second blind to be delivered. We now have both blinds for the two decorated bedrooms, so I can install them today – another little step closer to completed rooms.

I’ve no idea why, but I don’t feel very bright today (not much change there, some of my friends might say). Nevertheless, we drove over to the house to carry on the work. Fiona carried on painting the back bedroom and I set to work installing the first blind. The installation instructions were missing for the first blind, but the second one had them. Like most blokes, I normally don’t read instructions (it’s all usually logical enough and I’ve installed a few blinds in my time), however, there were a few mysterious pieces of plastic and tiny wood screws that needed explanation. Unfortunately, although we ordered the blinds from the same place, they are two different styles of wooden blind and the fittings were different. Using the other blind’s instructions, I managed to work out what went where and got the first blind installed. It took a lot longer than I anticipated, but it was worth the effort. The blind looks great and fills the window space very nicely. Venetian blinds were common in Edwardian houses and it looks great here. The second blind was a different story. It’s a smaller blind and was easy enough to install, but it doesn’t work right. It’s far too heavy for the two cords that lift it and, when it is lifted, it tilts out at a peculiar angle. It doesn’t close properly and sags at the end, under its own weight. It also appears to be too long, there’s an extra slat resting on the base. I need to get back to the supplier on this. Why is nothing straightforward?

We went off for lunch and, when we got back, I felt much, much worse – feverish, tired, dizzy. I tried to do a bit of work on a door, but in the end we left early, having accomplished very little, I just needed to get back to the flat. I must have already been out of sorts this morning, as I’d forgotten a few things, including a camera, hence the iPhone photos today.

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