house – day 136 – three days’ work?

Another sunny morning, we left the hotel early(ish) and drove down to the house. We walked into town to try breakfast at David Brown’s newly-extended deli. The food is excellent, cooked to order, so you have to be prepared to wait, but it’s worth it (although it means you end up buying too many coffees).

As breakfast was rather leisurely – it’s not easy to do things in a hurry around here – we started only an hour or so earlier than we might have done, had we driven from the flat – time for more painting and prep.

Late afternoon, we went back to Lampkins, the carpet place we’d been recommended by almost everyone working at the house, and this time it was open (closed for staff hols last time we tried). I was surprised to discover that we might be able to get wool carpets in the light, neutral colour we want. Last time we’d looked for carpet, everything was a little to buff, beige or oatmeal. This is not surprising, given the natural colour of wool, but we didn’t want to go the synthetic route, no matter how eco it is nowadays (recycled PET, anyone?). Lampkins couldn’t have been more helpful – and it turned out they’d heard about our “project” from others working on our house. We came away with at least three carpet samples we like (and think we can afford). We’ll try them out when we get home.

Mark, the plasterer, is working on the house tomorrow and we need to get keys to him, fortunately he lives quite close to our house.  It was only a short diversion to walk back into town and drop them off.

We cleared the back room for tomorrow’s work. There’s still a lot of stuff that we know is crap, but some of it might be useful. It’s almost a certainty that when you throw out something, you almost immediately afterwards discover a use for it.

We drove home, tired, in the late evening, contemplating the work we’d done over the last three days. That’s three days’ work? Is that all we accomplished?

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