house – day 130 – starting to wrap up

I’d had a call yesterday from Hinges and Brackets, to say the outstanding latches had finally arrived and were ready for collection. We also needed to pick up more paint and testers from Brewers, so we went to the house via Canterbury. We also picked up a wallpaper sample book. Chris needs to collect a set of keys from me, so I said I’d let him know when we got to the house.

It was close to lunchtime when we arrived and, as we pulled in, a Ford Transit flat bed pulled up in front of our house. Bugger, I thought he’s nicked my parking spot! He nicked more than that, he went over to our skip and helped himself to the MDF fire surround and then drove off. At least we got the parking spot back. The pieces of marble and gas fire had already gone. I hope no one attempts to use the gas fire, it can’t be safe. I’d even taken it a part to discourage people taking it. I wish people would ask first, though.

I got on with a few small chores and Fiona got started cleaning up bedroom four, so we can decorate it. (Paul’s already prepped it.) Chris arrived about half an hour after us. We had a long chat about what’s still to be done, there are a few things that can be done now – hang the shower room door, fit skirting boards – but most of it is best left until Mark has finished the plasterwork inside. We still need to tile the step into the bifold doors, but that’s should be done after the plastering is completed too, so there is still a bit of dirty stuff to complete. We’re definitely on the home straight now – at least as far as the major work is concerned. There are still lots of loose ends to tie up, but soon, we’ll just be left with decoration (apart from the fireplace in the study).

The electricians came around to have a look at the boiler. It looks like I asked for the wrong kind of programmer for the system that’s been installed. I was hoping to keep things tidy with a plug in unit on the front of the boiler, but we’ve got a conventionally organised heating system, so we need a conventional programmer. I’ve been assured we don’t need any extra wiring to do this, apart from a short stretch to place the programmer in the under-stairs space, which now seems the logical place to locate it.

Simon and Andy did what jobs they could for now and left. Chris had started building the boiler cabinet and that’s not going to be straightforward – it seems nothing ever is. I chatted with Chris for a while, talking about life the universe and everything before he left. I did a bit more work on door latches.

Hay fever still not good and we left early (compared to my usual leaving time). We’re not getting a lot done on each visit right now.

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