house – day 128 – bit-by-bit

We’re both at the house today. Fiona is going to paint the shower room and put a second coat on the walls upstairs where the radiator and bathroom cabinet will go up.

I finished repairing the bathroom door – it’s now primed and ready to hang.

I then cleaned the study ceiling completely and some of frieze, where the wall needs to be repaired (it got damaged when the RSJ went up in the kitchen on the other side of the wall). The ceiling and walls don’t look great right now, but I’m sure Mark can work his magic on them.

I got bad hay fever today, which slows me right down. Apart from the fact, I’m constantly blowing my nose and can’t see very well through swollen streaming eyes, I find that when antihistamines start to operate they have a depressive effect. They slow me down and make me (even more) morose. It was so bad I wanted to leave early (there’s no where for me to go to get any relief), but I had to wait for Fiona to finish what she was doing first. Another day where I feel we didn’t get much accomplished (A couple of walls painted, a door repaired and a ceiling ready for plastering) and the drive home was seriously uncomfortable.

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