house – day 127 – an off day

Fiona’s not feeling well today. In fact, she was unwell overnight, so I’ve hardly had any sleep, I went to bed late and now I’m awake early. I’ll be going to the house alone today. She was well enough to make a remark that severely pissed me off, I stormed out of the house without breakfast and drove to the house in a very black mood.

There’s no time for emotions, My first job is to get the mirror in place in the shower room, so the electricians can wire it up next week. I’d rather do it myself. After the problems the plumbers had drilling the tiles last week, I thought it better I take my time and do it carefully. They probably won’t have diamond drill bits either. The mirror is a nicely made thing, from Roper Rhodes – it’s sensibly designed and easy to install. It’s amazing how tricky some fixtures are to install. I’m pretty sure many industrial designers have never actually used their products and I’ve installed some items that obviously have not been designed with maintenance in mind. Maybe it’s a ploy to get people to purchase new items. Nevertheless, despite the sensible assembly and installation, it took me over two hours to get the mirror’s back in place. I was worried about trapping the cable, so the mirror is stepped out from the wall with rubber feet and the wire exits the wall tiles through a piece of plastic conduit.

I went out to get a sandwich and a coffee (from my favourite stall in the harbour) and came back to give the bathroom walls a first complete coat of paint. The bathroom walls took almost four hours to paint, access to the corners is tricky (too many obstacles and inadequate ladders) and we need to get a decent straight edge to the walls, otherwise it will look cack. It was a very painstaking process to complete, but I think it looks OK.

Mark (the plasterer) came around in the afternoon to look at the remaining work we need. He needs to repair and replace the render around the new bifold doors and on the side wall now the new soil pipes are in place. Inside we need him to plaster the inside of the bifold door opening and, of course, the study ceiling. We’d like the internal stuff to be completed first, so we can get on with finishing the kitchen. It’s not a lot of work for him, unfortunately, he can’t start until the week after next.

Our neighbours were hosting a birthday party today and had invited us along, but, with Fiona at home unwell and me too occupied with the slow work of the day, I didn’t go. It’s not much fun being at a party on your own with a load of strangers, especially when you can’t rely on a drink to get you in a party mood.

A frustrating day today. As well as the blazing row this morning, the work went very slowly. Now back to the house to face Fiona…

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