house – day 124 – decorating for real

We had a day off yesterday to go to a preview of the Lowry exhibition at Tate Britain. I was impressed. Prior to the show I wasn’t a huge fan of Lowry’s work, but this new exhibition made me view him from a new perspective and I appreciate his painting much more. There’s a bleakness to it, that I’d missed before.

Obviously, having had a day off and with both tilers and decorators at work in the house, whilst we were away, we were anxious to get back and check on progress.

The tiling is complete and it looks great. Paul (the tiler – not the decorater) has done a fantastic job. What would have taken me a couple of weeks, took him and his partner four days – and it’s to a standard I could never hope to achieve, no matter how carefully I did the work. This is another big job complete, it means the plumbers and electricians can get started soon.

It’s Paul (the decorator)’s second day in the house doing real (ie finishing) decorating at last. The small front bedroom is nearly finished and the wall colour we chose looks great.

The rest of the day we spent cleaning, priming, painting and prepping. We need to get paint on the walls where fixtures and fittings are going to be installed by the plumbers and electricians. The sooner we do this, the sooner we’ll have working taps, lights and appliances.

Whilst we were away, the door installers had replaced the incorrect gaskets on the bifold doors, which means we can now open them and let some air through the house.

Things are finally coming together, it looks like we could be in soon.

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