house – day 120 – loft access

On the way to the house, we went via Canterbury to pick up door the knobs and latches I’d ordered earlier in the week. Sadly, the order isn’t complete, we don’t have the five inch latches yet and we need these for some of the rooms we’ll be finishing first.

As the tilers are due to start in the upstairs bathroom on Monday, I need to get a few more things sorted in there. I measured and fitted wood for the bath panel support. It is indeed going to be tight to get it in there. Once the wood was in place, I installed the loft ladder. It was a relatively straightforward process. I had to put some timber in to support the spring arm that eases the ladder out of loft. The only real tricky bit was making a trapdoor the right size (and shape). The instructions suggested using the existing drop-in trap door, yeah right. The gaps around the door would have been worse than the panel gaps in a mid-seventies British car. I’ll have to measure the aperture and make a new one myself, I’d bought some 18mm ply from B&Q yesterday to do this. Unsurprisingly, the existing aperture is out of true. I measured and cut the plywood for the door and painted it with a couple of coats of primer. With the loft ladder in place it’s much easier to get up there. It was a messy job too, thanks to the dirt created by the work that had been done in roof space recently (which is why I wanted to get it done now). I’ll hang the trap door tomorrow, when the paint is properly dry.

I also needed to get the housing for the concealed cistern ready for tiling, which meant making sure all the difficult-to-access pipe connections are in place. There will be access, once it’s finished, but it’s via a removable lid, so anything beneath the cistern will be tricky to rech, without removing the toilet. I removed some of the lower edge of the Hardieboard as the floor is now higher thanks to the tiles. I also recut the aperture for the toilet pipes and checked the connection positions. The last thing to do was to reconnect the basin waste pipe, which Chris needed to cut in order to connect the soil stack. Unfortunately I didn’t have a 32mm straight connector, I’ll have to go to B&Q to get one. Unfortunately B&Q only had 40mm, I’ll have to go to Wickes tomorrow, which means I can’t finish the job (I hate that).

With that job not finished, I got a couple of coats of primer on stuff including bath panel supports and trap door, in the meantime, Fiona painted the shower room walls.

Really bad hay fever today, after a late start, it’s getting worse. I don’t like talking when I’ve got it (it’s hard enough just to breathe) and I don’t like being asked (what I think of as unnecessary questions at the best of times. Fiona wants to clean and I want her to paint. It was a discordant sort of day, I wasn’t massively impressed with our progress today, yet somehow we managed to work late and we got home very late.

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