house – day 116 – loose ends

I had a few admin things to take care of before going to the house, I got there late morning. At least the weather is better today, Andy is wearing shorts to take advantage of what might be our summer.

Chris’s dad is working on the roof, doing the repair to the leaking roof joint. Chris had texted me in the morning to say the leak was caused by a previously botched repair and the wood wasn’t rotten underneath the gutter, just stained. The white staining was salt that had leached from a cement repair. The good news is, this is a much quicker fix than we anticipated and uses less material so it should save us money.

Apart from the roof repair, today mostly consisted of lots of small jobs, tidying up, finishing off etc. There’s a bit more work to do on the drains, cementing in joining waste pipes etc. Chris is finishing cabinets and drawers ;in the kitchen and cleaning out dust and debris. I rubbed down and primed the remaining doors, there are now only two more sides left to paint, to complete the job (except for the under-stairs door). I couldn’t re-coat them today as the paint isn’t drying quickly enough.

I spent an hour or so marking out and getting ready for tiler, then went home. It is beginning to feel like the end of the major work is, at last, in sight.

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