house – day 114 – four hung

Fiona’s first job today is to dry off surplus oil from the treated hinges, so I can get on with hanging doors. Whilst she was doing that, I rubbed down some doors ready for their next coat of primer.

With the hinges ready, I got on with hanging doors, whilst Fiona primed the other doors. It was reasonably straightforward, some of the new paint had to be cut back a little as it was pushing the hinges out of alignment. The back bedroom door, needs a little to be taken off the bottom, it’s rubbing on the threshold. I don’t understand why this is happening as the fit is pretty tight at the top of the door and it’s the original door case, maybe something moved when the wall was being rebuilt. However, it’s not a big deal to plane a little wood from the bottom, especially as I need to take the door down again to fit new door furniture (when I get it).

Whilst I was messing about with doors, Fiona painted the bathroom walls again.

With doors in place, we can close off rooms. The house is beginning to look a bit more like a home.

We drove home pretty satisfied with the weekend’s work.

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