house – day 111 – four more to hang

At the moment, a day seems a long time away from the house, quite a lot is happening there right now. Although most of what’s happening is not big stuff and sometimes it’s easy to miss. But there is a lot of stuff being completed and, often, I need to be on hand to answer questions or approve solutions

  • Chris was there when I arrived, a good time for a catch up. We talked about a number of issues:
  • the toilet feed pipe is in the wrong position in the shower room. Now the soil pipe is in place it’s clear the feed won’t fit within the pan enclosure.
  • the filter for the central heating system is not well placed. When the boiler is enclosed in a cabinet, it will be difficult to access the filter for maintenance.
  • the failed window panel that was delivered last week – when is the replacement coming and what happens to the one they delivered?
  • issues about the positioning of the soil stack – the bath waste pipe exits where the soil pipes should be
  • … and the weather. We need a few dry days so we can get the roof repaired.

We also had a natter about Chris’s trip to Harrogate over the weekend – it’s for work not pleasure.

After our little chat, I undercoated nine more sides of doors. With the door I have already finished, there are now five doors ready to hang, but before I can do that, I need to treat the cast iron door hinges first and to fix screw holes. I have a cunning plan (actually it’s two). Doors painted, I went for lunch and to get stuff to oil-treat the hinges

There was nobody in house when I got back. The guys had left earlyish today. They can’t get all parts for sewer and soil pipe and there’s no point hanging around.

I thought it would be a good idea to do something about the bodged skirting board in bedroom three. I was a bit annoyed at not having spotted it earlier. Especially now that Paul had finished all the prep in the room. Another two steps forward, one back moment. It turned out the skirting board I had salvaged was no good. The top moulding didn’t match. Nothing in this house seems to. However, there was a piece of MDF skirting left over from the new small hall and that is a much closer match. So I used it. When I started to remove the old skirting,I was worried I would lever off plaster from chimney breast. I got out the multi-tool and removed the existing board in sections. Less pressure on the plaster. I eventually got it done, but it needs a fair bit of filler to complete it.

I left the house around 18:30 (early for me) to get back to meet Kate.

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