house – day 109 – another room prepped

Got a text message from Chris early this morning (at 6:40 – he never sleeps) – with the price from the tiler for the work in the bathroom. I replied to him and exchanged a few more messages. I was already awake, thinking about various design problems to be solved for the house. I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I made lunch, ate breakfast, sent off a few emails and set off for the house. I got there about 10:00am, which is early for me. The only person in the house is Paul.

I carried on stripping the bathroom door, I’d nearly finished the first side last night and the rest didn’t take too long. I sanded it all down, raked out the mouldings with a scraper and turned it over to do the other side. Even though there are fewer layers of paint on this side, it was harder to do. The paint on this side doesn’t strip cleanly. It took most of the rest of the day to complete. Only two more doors to strip and one should be a lot easier as it doesn’t have any moulding.

Paul finished the prep work in bedroom four. It’s now ready to decorate. It will be a good idea to get the door up as soon as possible, but I need to oil treat all the cast iron hinges (they rust very easily), fill the screw holes in the door frames, so the screws can bite and I need to get door furniture. So there’s still a bit to do and some doors still need more primer/undercoat.

I thought I’d stay for an hour or two longer, so I started rubbing down the primed doors again and assessed each one for it’s readiness to hang. I stuck little notes to each door so I know what to do. One is ready to go, the other need one or more coats of primer/undercoat, but I feel we’re getting there. The doors that are ready look really good, Johnstones Acrylic primer is excellent and works beautifully on the old wood.

Just before Paul left, we discussed more work for him in a week or two’s time. This time it will be finishing what he’s been prepping, so we urgently need to choose colour schemes and paint, we have ideas, but nothing concrete (apart from the study).

I’m not sure where everyone else was today and we didn’t get the replacement kitchen door panel, I’m sure Chris has a handle on it (sorry about the awful pun!).

I got home at a reasonable time (20:30), so we popped out for a pint before dinner. Feeling pretty tired, but pretty pleased.

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