house – day 103 – mysterious object

I went to the house today via Maidstone, this was to drop off the truck. I’m finally going to get the stolen spare wheel replaced. I was loaned a brand new Peugeot 208 as a courtesy car whilst the car was in the garage for a couple of days. I quite like the pug. It may not have quite as many toys as the Ford Focus I rented recently, but it’s comfortable, very nippy and performs much better than the Ford, whilst using only 75% of the cylinders and cubic capacity. (It’s also quieter.) The main thing missing is satnav (or at least I couldn’t find it), which led to me not taking the most direct route back to the house. I didn’t realise how much I relied on it nowadays.

At the house, there’s plenty more activity: Paul is finishing off the back bedroom, Simon and Andy are putting in some woodwork (boxing in pipes, etc), Peter is still working on the worktops, he’s very meticulous.

Paul pointed out a strange object embedded in the wall by the window. It’s the end of a piece of cast iron pipe. It doesn’t go through the wall and doesn’t look like cable conduit or gas pipe – we wondered what it is. In any case, it has to go, as it protrudes from the wall and we need to fill the hole it’s in. Paul said he’d bring a saw in, I said it was too thick for a saw and I’d use an angle grinder to cut it off. It was, surprisingly tough to cut off, lots of sparks and dust. Once out, we could have a closer look at it. The pipe appears to be made of iron or steel with a brass liner. It’s also the end of a right-angle bend, the pipe goes down through the wall. Originally, the scullery was directly below this room, I suspect it might have been something mechanical that linked the two rooms (brass bushes were often used to reduce wear on mechanical things), but I’ve no idea what it could be*.

With the mysterious object out of the way, I got on with painting the new plaster upstairs in the bathroom and hallway. I had mixed up just enough paint for the job, a good guess. It was fiddly working over the stairs, I could only work in small patches and had to keep moving the ladder.

By the time I’d finished the painting, even Peter had gone, (he often works late), however I needed to stay – there are a couple of other jobs I need to get out of the way, whilst no one else is here. I have to get the bathroom toilet cistern in place and the boards cut for the toilet before tomorrow because Chris might have found a tiler for us.

I installed the cistern and measured the board to cut it for the flush and soil pipes. I have now found the easiest way to cut the Hardieboard is with a diamond saw blade in an angle grinder – dusty, but fast and effective. I got the board in the bathroom finished pretty quickly and I was able to trim the board in the shower room and fit it – the pipes have been repositioned now.

It was pretty late when I set off home.

*Turns out it was part of a gaslight fitting.

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