Grain after the rain

Got caught in heavy rain a couple of days ago, but the dramatic skies after the showers had passed almost made it worth the drenching. On Saturday the weather looked like it was going to behave similarly, so I gathered together my D5000 and wet weather gear and headed out to the Isle of Grain. Been meaning to go there for a long while, but somehow had not got round to it. The object was to try and get some decent, sharp exposures – and perhaps a reasonable print out of one of them.

The weather behaved as predicted and the  results weren’t bad, but I’m still struggling – it doesn’t help the viewfinder is so small on the D5000 and it’s only 90% of the sensor, but the biggest disappointment is the amount of chromatic aberration and barrel distortion from the 20mm lens. Never saw that kind of thing from the old 20 F3.5, so I’m not sure what’s going on. DxO will fix some of it but the D5000 /20mm F2.8 D is not supported in a module, mores the pity. Maybe I should get a D700. Certainly need the practice.

Selected a few images and made some small adjustments to them using Lightroom 3 Beta – and stuck them in an album here. I’ll be selecting one or two from these and having a proper go with DxO Optics and PhotoShop.

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