My friend Mark gets to drive other people’s exotic cars for a living and often he’ll offer me a ride in the latest piece of hardware he’s brought home. As a long-standing petrolhead I’m usually interested in taking a look. Usually, though, I’m not around to have a play, but last weekend he turned up with something pretty special and I just had to find the time – the car’s been a long-standing favourite, it’s the car that upset a certain motor company in Stuttgart.

Awesome’s an over-used adjective, but this £60k piece of Japanese carbon fibre, metal and electronics is precisely that. A blip of the throttle and you’re already travelling 50% faster than the national speed limit. Even in full auto, in comfort mode, the Nissan GT-R is a phenomenal mover, you don’t need to see the G-force displays to know what’s going on, your eyes, ears and the seat of your pants tell you all you need to know. As you corner hard, you can hear and feel the computer-controlled  actuators adjusting the car’s trajectory for optimum performance – ie as fast as possible. We just wanted to get this beast on a track.

Unfortunately, the drive was over all too soon and we were back home, standing around it, listening to hot metal cool down in the dusk. For your further delectation, here’s a quick snapshot gallery – including some photos from the 2008 Motor Show, showing some of the car’s key internals.

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