house – day 152 – morning has broken

So here we are, our first day waking up in the house. It’s out for breakfast as we still don’t have a working kitchen and the builders’ tea point (the old boiler casing in the dusty rear reception) isn’t really up to dishing out a steaming frothy latte. It won’t be an early start for us as the breakfast places don’t get going until after eight o’cock.

By the time we got back Paul is working on the living room. The wallpaper is now going up. Wallpaper’s a new thing for us  (apart from Anaglypta) so it’s an interesting decorating departure for us.

In the meantime, we’re getting on with sorting the house out a bit to make it habitable. Doug will be staying with us on Saturday, after our Estuary Photo trip with the Museum of London. Once we’re sorted, we’ll get on with decorating, there’s still a lot to do. The brand new bathroom light has just blown. I’m pretty sure it’s the driver that’s gone – although the tube has probably blown too. The light went out and then there was a whirring and popping sound. The light fitting only takes Philips tubes, so I’m going to have to seek out another to test it (they’re not common).

We’re looking forward to going to a local pub tonight, instead of driving back to the flat. I’m staying at the house until Friday – the Estuary photo trip starts from London Bridge on Saturday morning – and Fiona is staying even longer (probably a week). We’re not sure how we’re going to get on in the house, let’s see what the next few days bring.

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