Wombat Browning rehearsal

[topcolumn]Over the years I seem to have photographed quite a few friends’ bands – playing live, in studios or generally mucking about in the hope of getting an album cover out of it.[/topcolumn]

Recently, I was in a studio again with Wombat Browning, who were rehearsing for some upcoming gigs. It was a good opportunity for me to get some practice shooting in a different style and environment and to experiment with new workflows using DxO Optics, LightRoom and PhotoShop.

Wombat Browning in the studio

The band was quite pleased with the results and the process was pretty quick. The session can be viewed here and a selection of processed shots – old-fashioned,  grainy prints using the Tri-X filter in DxO Film Pack 2 can be seen here.

Wombat Browning - rehearsal - moody test print

Incidentally, I like Wombat Browning’s songs and if you’re interested, you can hear them at their myspace page.

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