house – day 25 – intruder alert

The cold miserable weather continues, it’s hard to drag oneself out of the flat to drive down to what you know will be a freezing, dull grey day of thankless (for now) slog.

Nevertheless, I got down there – you don’t have any choice if you want to get things done -there’s still a great deal of crap to shift, I still need to sort out the contents of the workshop, there’s a lot more work we need to do in the house and the contractors often need me to answer their questions.

Once I’d chatted to everyone and dealt with detail questions, I went up to the workshop. As I walked up the garden path I noticed the wonky gate at the side was open, I thought perhaps, I’d left it open on Friday, so paid little attention to it. However, when I carried more old floor covering around to the back of the workshop to add to the pile, I saw part of the gate post (the bit with the latch) lying on the rubbish pile. It was attached when I last closed it. The scrap metal which I’d collected in an old dustbin had gone. My heart sank. Almost everybody we speak to around here talks about how easygoing and safe it is around here.

I thought we’d seen the last of crime now we’d left the East End. In the three weeks prior to leaving Bow, some moron had attempted to mug me and, on a separate occasion, someone else had stolen the spare wheel from under the truck using an angle grinder to cut the winch and in the process slashing one of the other tyres resulting in a £1200 bill.

In truth, I had expected the metal to go (partly why I’d left it out there), but I did’t expect someone to try and find more booty within the obvious bounds of our property. Ironically, two metal trestles next to the rubbish pilewere still there. I had a look around the entire back of the house and garden and found that someone had also destroyed a fence panel on the other side of the garage/workshop, trying to get in at the other side. The fence around the garage is shitty and rotten, so it doesn’t take much to break it, but this damage is no accident.

I spent the rest of the afternoon fretting about intruders and reinforcing the fence. I just want the work to be complete so we can get in. Meanwhile we need to get rid of all the crap at the back – it makes the place look neglected. I reckon there’s about six cubic meters of rubbish to move – even after burning as much as we can – and there’s more to come. It’s no small task.

Needless to say my mood  on the drive home was even gloomier than the weather – and I forgot to take any photos today. (Featured image is an earlier photo of what it looks like out the back.)

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