back to school

I’m back in the classroom for ten weeks, I’ve started a course on creative photography. Photography’s often a solitary (sometimes lonely) activity and it’s not often one gets a chance to discuss one’s work with anyone else and when you do it’s rarely in in any depth and classroom assignments provide a useful, external focus for one’s work. Going back to school seemed the best way to move things on.

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one-a-day photo: first week

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot about being (or becoming) a photographer – both in books and on the net. And one of the predominant memes I’ve encountered is the notion of taking at least one picture every day. It seems there are a lot of people producing 365 photographic diaries on the interwebs and I thought it would be a good idea to join them and start one of my own.

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tag wars

For some time now, the junction of the Hertford Union canal and the Lee Navigation has been the site of ongoing artistic warfare. The disused industrial buildings in this secluded corned are an ideal battleground for taggers and graffiti artists and until recently this patch has largely been neglected by the powers that be. But now thanks to the olympics, government, big business and the world’s media have started to focus on this forgotten corner of inner London and the activity of the artists is getting noticed.
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