As a big fan and long-time user of Polaroid stuff, I’ve been following with keen interest, the course of the Impossible Project and eagerly anticipating the release of their first film. As soon as the email announcing the new film the landed in my inbox, I ordered a couple of packs – PX 100 Silver Shade / First Flush  – and, like so many things ones looks over-anticipates, the Impossible Project, has so, far delivered joy and chagrin in equal measure.
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festival time

Went to the Cheltenham Festival yesterday – Ladies’ Day – first time at Cheltenham for me and the first time I’ve been racing for a long, long time. Four of of us went along; me, Fiona, Bill and Doug and I took the old Polaroid 680 with me and a couple of packs of film plus the G9. One of the packs came with this Freitag limited edition Polaroid camera I bought a while ago which came with two packs of limited edition film and you’ll see a little truck logo on the Polaroids from this pack.
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ghosts of Rembrandt

Another festive occasion, Fiona’s birthday, so we broke out the Polaroid 600 One camera she got me for Christmas. Everybody just loves it , the process, the instant results and the iconic packaging, it’s an unbeatable combination at a party – the Impossible project has to be on to a winner – but the resulting images this time around are, shall we say, “interesting”.
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