starting over

As the guy in the Apple Store said as he replaced the trashed hard drive in my MacBookPro said, “… you should have sent it straight back when you got it”.

He was referring to the fact that, in the week between buying my MBP and getting it delivered, Apple had dropped the price of their MacBook Pros and upped the spec – and part of that upgrade was a larger hard drive (500GB rather than 360GB). It had crossed my mind, when I received it, to return the machine, but I was anxious to get up and running and 360GB seemed quite big enough for my purposes
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back to school

I’m back in the classroom for ten weeks, I’ve started a course on creative photography. Photography’s often a solitary (sometimes lonely) activity and it’s not often one gets a chance to discuss one’s work with anyone else and when you do it’s rarely in in any depth and classroom assignments provide a useful, external focus for one’s work. Going back to school seemed the best way to move things on.

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