house – day 29 – Ideal Homes

A day on the house, but not at the house, for today we visit the Ideal Home show. If there ever was a time to visit it, it must be now, whilst we’re working out what we should do with the house. We’d already planned to have a day off working on the house as we had half price all-day tickets (which expire soon) for the Thames Clipper. But it’s a freezing cold day (so we don’t fancy working on the house) and the show finishes at Easter, it seems a good idea to combine the two.

I won’t go into too much detail, suffice it to say one third of the show was useful (the interiors and home improvements sections). We talked to some interesting people who were enthusiastic about their products and we got some useful information and ideas.

As for the rest, the garden section may be of interest in the future, but we’re way off landscaping yet. Although it did seem largely to comprise expensive barbecues, patio furniture and hot tubs, not exactly what we would be looking for (and particularly ironic given the freezing weather we’ve had this year). The show homes might have given us some ideas, but the queues were too long and I have a queuing allergy.

The rest of the show (the upper floor; food, shopping and woman) seemed pointless. Don’t we have the interwebs for that sort of thing?

We now have a stack of brochures and an even longer and more expensive shopping list.

No photos today, although I did take my M9 to the show.

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