house – day 27 – we meet the neighbours

We spent most of today in Canterbury, looking around various showrooms for kitchen inspiration. Fiona was a little alarmed at the kind of people one encounters in Canterbury town centre at daytime during the week. The charming olde-worlde touristy townscape belies the underlying economic reality of life in east Kent. However, the people in the showrooms couldn’t have been more helpful, polite and enthusiastic. No hard sell, just friendly advice – it’s a far less pressured sales environment than it is in central London. (And the prices seemed better too). We came away re-assured, albeit with a probably increasing budget. Shades of Grand Designs, it seems.

Once we’d achieved information overload, we popped north to the coast to check on the house – the electricians had finished all the work they could complete, prior to the wholesale remodelling of the rear of the house and we wanted to see if there had been any more unwelcome visits.

The worked looked pretty good, everything exactly where it should be, it’s just a pity we’re going to be without any light until the walls and ceilings go back up. At least the days are getting longer and the clocks go back soon. The fence and gate were still intact, so it looks like nobody else had been nosing around.

We finally got to meet our new neighbours today. They had kindly sent us a welcome card card when we first moved in, but thanks to logistics, dirty work clothes etc, we felt uncomfortable going over until now, as today we weren’t grubby and tired from a day’s work. Nice people, very welcoming, they gave us a potted history of the area. It was interesting to contrast their house, with the one we’ve just bought. They still had parquet floors (very envious) and had knocked through a couple of rooms. Theirs is a slightly smaller house than ours, so we don’t feel the need to do that (except in the kitchen, of course.)

Today’s gallery features photos of some of the new sockets and the more up-to-date consumer unit (exciting, isn’t it).

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