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It looks like this is going to be the pattern – a day at the house and a day back at the flat sourcing tradespeople, services, materials, goods. Today is a house day – to meet – Chris (builder), Marc (plasterer), to collect goods that were being delivered (a new fridge, BT equipment) and to take more accurate measurements of the house, so I could model it in SketchUp. I had to get back early to meet Ken who was going to an exhibition at Excel, so I couldn’t do a great deal more.

I took a few more photos of things I’d missed last week.

The fireplaces:

All the internal doors are original panelled doors, but most had been covered in hardboard to make them look more “Modern”:

The garage is pretty run down, it can no longer be used as a garage, as access to the entrance is now blocked by a neighbouring fence, so I’ll turn it into a workshop and storeroom. I’ve got great plans for this space in the future, but for now it will just have to be tidied up a bit.

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