house – day four – Fiona’s birthday

Today is Fiona’s birthday and to celebrate we went back to the house to meet a decorator (one of the many recommendations of the estate agent) to discuss decorating the rooms we knew we weren’t going to demolish. We had decided to get a few rooms spruced up, so we could move in, whilst the major work in the rest of the house was under way.

It wasn’t quite as cold as the previous Friday, but it was still a chilly, dismal experience hanging around the house – so we didn’t linger. In any case, we had an appointment with a garage in Maidstone to get the damage to the car assessed after some bastard had used an angle grinder last week to steal the spare wheel from under the pick-up bed.

I also remembered to take some external shots of the house, which I’d forgotten to do on Friday (excitement? cold?).

By the time we got back, we were too dispirited  (despite the cheerful tradespeople we’d been talking to) to celebrate Fiona’s big day, so we had a few pints, a jolly nice curry and went to bed.

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