house – day 42 – site meetings

Another cold, grey miserable day, we really do need the weather to improve. Chris has organised meetings with Sean (electrician), Calvin (plumber) and Izzy (kitchens). so there will be a lot to talk about. I couldn’t sleep, so I got up around 5am and started work on a lighting schema for the kitchen and bathrooms. I also updated the plumbing sketches to cover the latest changes. I had to go back to bed for 20 minutes to warm up, the flat’s so cold.

I’d taken down the temporary storage shelving from the flat and loaded it into the car along with some other things that would be more useful at the house and take up too much space in the flat. I’d also had a few deliveries and had new pegboards for the workshop, which I’m keen to install as they will help me organise stuff. The drive was less frenetic than over the bank holiday, but there’s still noticeable holiday traffic on the roads.

A bitingly cold wind and snow flurries greeted me on arrival. There were now three guys working on the house and inside it had changed quite radically. The upstairs floors are now supported on Acrow props and the chimney in the kitchen was almost down to the ground. A new skip in the front garden was filling rapidly.

After putting up the shelves and pegboards and sorting a few tools out, it was time to meet the tradespeople. It took a couple of hours to go through everything, there’s a lot that’s got to happen in the next few weeks and it’s Chris’s job to coordinate it. The new diagrams helped speed the process, especially as I had a clear idea about some of the items – unfortunately we’ve not yet made decisions on all of them yet – and they all seemed quite impressed with my charts. Looks like it was worth getting up so early to work through it beforehand. We’ll now see what they come back with and how much more this is going to costs us.

All the standing around talking hadn’t helped warm me up, despite four layers of clothes, I was freezing. I could barely make my finger work well enough to sketch out plans. The weather station displayed 3.8C inside the workshop and 1.8C outside and the house is the same. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, one of the guys was hauling bricks wearing just a T-shirt on top. I decided I needed to eat and get warm (I also had to leave early today as it’s top 10 night, tonight), so I told the guys I was off and got into the car. That’s when I discovered I’d left my lunch in the flat on the kitchen work top. That’s it, I’m definitely off home.

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