house – day 18 – second thoughts

I spent the weekend working out the layout for the proposed en-suite shower room upstairs, it looks like it’s going to be too small. If you bend over the washbasin, your bum will open the door. It’s all a bit too pokey. My initial plan had been to scavenge space from both the second bedroom and the hallway, but that would make an awkward shape out of the bedroom and still encroach rather a lot on the hall. Fiona had a bit of brainwave, which involved abandoning any attempt to create a second bathroom upstairs and to enhance the downstairs toilet, expanding it to include a shower at the expense of some space in the new utility room. Seems like a good idea, it will resolve some complicated plumbing issues, so I’m meeting Chris at the house today to talk about it.

I also had stuff to bring over to the house (including new wall lights) and more work to do on the workshop.

Forgot to take any photos today.

11 Northwood Road - lower - V2

Our new layout idea …

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