house – day 99 – doors again

Today will be a bit of a boring day – we’re working all day on the doors. I’ll strip, sand, fill and otherwise prep them, Fiona will do the painting.

I did what I could and left Fiona upstairs with primer and brush. While she was painting, I ground down the edges of the Hardieboard in the shower room (using a stone cutting disc in the angle grinder). The top three boards were slightly too long – I’d cut them all the same width and the wall they butted up to sloped in a little. It was a choking dusty job to cut the boards (even with a face mask). It was so bad that I just left the extractor running in the shower room to clear the air. It seemed to speed things up.

Peter cut me a piece of work top to sit on the top of the concealed cistern. yes, he was working on a Saturday. We have quite a lot of off-cuts (you can’t buy small pieces of worktop, so we had a lot left over). He has finished the hole for the sink – it’s a very neat job.

We finished quite late and, by then, the sun was going down. It was a warm, calm day, so we went down to the beach to watch the sunset. We had the beach to ourselves – it was gorgeous, we need to start living here very soon.

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